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I picking one these up for a christmas gift for my sister(hope the coloured ones Ship soon). Looking forward to seeing how it stacks up to both of my Automags. Sister been a huge fan of tippmans and would not have interest in my mags. BUT after our last scenerio game her A5 blended every other shot so she went out most the day shooting my DP E1 and LOVED it except for the crazy light trigger and no saftey switch (i also hated that cause she shot my point blank in the gut when i was passing her a pod in one of the latter missions). Because of that she decided she would never shoot an electro again. So i was gona build her a mag but this came out at such a atractive price point figured i had to give it a shot besides she loves the colour blue.

Just wish GOG would cocker thread the bloody barrel most my stuff is cocker threaded ULE mag, Empire Trracer, DP E1. Any one know how well barrel adapters work cause it be nice to just share barrels.
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