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I occasionally see ads around here for academic programs at the "University of Maryland University College."
University of Maryland University College - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

UMUC is a college in the traditional American sense of the word, albeit one associated with a university—hence, "University College." The "University of Maryland" prefix indicates the historical entity to which the college belonged originally. In the university's name, "University College" represents "the specialized concentration on professional development," while "University of Maryland" represents the affiliation of the university with the University System of Maryland.[10] To American ears, the words "university" and "college" may sound synonymous, and "University College" would be redundant in its name. Among the collegiate universities of Europe, however, the practice of giving one college in the university the name "University College" is not uncommon. In England, for example, one of the 39 colleges of the University of Oxford is called University College, Oxford.
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