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Hah I did the same just a couple weeks ago, tried to find a good reason not to buy it.

The mags clean up real easy, the bottom plate slides out and the springs just drop out. You can then just run water through them or use a swab, if at the field.

Barrel / bolt clean is just like the DM pull the bolt out the back and swab it and polish swab it. Re-lub the bolt and put it back in. Super easy just the DMs. You can do it at the field easy enough just make sure you have a clean surface to set the bolt down on like a tech mat or whatever

I've been running with mine with a 48cc tank so it's much lighter and shorter. Love it for most games but hyperball then I switch back to my DM for hyperball.

Originally Posted by Sterling500 View Post
How is cleanup after a mag break, or a hopper break for that matter..?

Is it practical to field strip the bolt out and run a squeegee through back at the staging area or is that strictly a "clean room" only operation?

When is someone going to stick a q-loader on one of these things? Seems like that would be the ultimate low profile ticket.

...trying to talk myself into one of these in case you couldn't tell...

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