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Blue CCM Series 5 and a Unibody Phantom w/ Extras

Hi there. Up for sale is my backup marker that hasn't seen the field since I built it S6.5 has never needed a backup!

1. CCM Series 5

CCM EZ Grip, AT, 45 Frame, Internals, Cocking Rod, Feed
Shocktech Delrin Bolt (Blue Ano in the Middle)
CP Direct Mount ASA
Dye Hyper II Reg

Comments: Input pressure set to 325psi. Cycles smooth like glass w/ no leaks or issues. Body ano has a faded section on the right, as if a large sticker were on there for a few years (see pic). Some ano discoloration on vertical ASA...cosmetic only and not scratches. Factory drilled in the eye and the threads are clean/ano'ed...covered w/ eye patch, tho.

Price: $425 shipped

2. Unibody Phantom

Cycles SO smooth. Includes spare springs, frame screws, and cup seal from Mike at CCI. Does not leak...cycles fine but haven't shot paint or chrono'ed it. It's a just works, and you know it!

Price: $115 shipped ($140 with brand new 20oz CO2 tank and souped up Winchester hopper)

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