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Originally Posted by Riot View Post
Well, the past two times I've gone... (Within the last month or so) we played games that were sized around 4v4 or 5v5...
That was more rec ball/rentals. There was another group of more "serious" players that seemed to be about the same number.
I did not see any pumps.

I think it'll be easier for me to find an already setup game to try than to worry about trying to schedule one.

Lemme know what you're thinking!
I was just thinking of hitting hogans next weekend since I'll be done with finals. I'll pm you.

For a MCB game, I like the idea of trying out Fields of Fire in a few weeks or something. It definitely doesn't need to be pump only, I doubt we'd find any pump walk on players there anyway. If Mystic is too out of the way we can also consider a more central field.
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