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Originally Posted by The Inflicted View Post
The old Brass Eagle 12-gram adapters they packed in with the original Stingray had a rear knob which was ASA-threaded, so you could use one of those in conjunction with an ASA-threaded stock (like a Smart Parts "smart stock") to do what you wanted.

I found, though, that depending on the brand of 12-grams used, the stock didn't quite push the cartridge in far enough to seal it, so a couple washers or dimes sandwiched behind the cartridge was needed. If I were going to run this thing long-term I would have probably tried tapping the inside of the male end of the stock and putting a nice chunky bolt in there.

photo sharing

You sir! are a GENIUS!! I have both those parts and never thought to do that!

Ohhhh the fun I will have!

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