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Retro 7, Gen III production news

Well guys, we are officially nearing the first shipment of new Retros, ten will be going out right away and we will start the next set for anodize right after them, along with accessories of all sorts coming along. First photo of the new parts, with amazing instagrammy cellphone camera quality:

tested one of em last night, perfect functionality. commence excitement

update Dec 11: First complete photo!

New features in the Gen III batch to be extra excited about:

-anti double feed detent, works like a charm
-refined trigger geometry to maximize compatibility and consistency
-smaller trigger pin setscrew for cleaner appearance
-bigger radiuses around the grip area for extra comfy handling
-new plug-in style transfer port to replace the thread-in style, much more consistent
-overbored valve body for added volume around the cupseal (thinking ahead for LP tuning)
-optional locking setscrew hole between valve body and receiver snub
-refined tolerances for a tighter overall fit between frame, receiver and valve body

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