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Originally Posted by Legolas View Post
oh, I am OVER myself. So don't worry.

If "No one hates ou[r] " nothern brothers" why did your first post sound so negative towards them?

Great poop cultural reference to JB. +10 points for you. Now, lets never mention him again.

I was never apologizing for you. I was sorry myself. Sorry for the Canadians, sorry for myself, sorry for you and sorry for everyone who witnessed.

Your opinion about Canadians and there beliefs on handguns is based on stereotypical generalizations about a group of people. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. I am also entitled to my opinion that your stereotyped opinion sucks.
lets be clear:
Stereotyping is prejudice. Even if you had put "(j/k)" after the comment, my immediate reaction would have been, ah he's just baggin on Canadians in good fun. He knows what he is saying is wrong. We are all adults and we can all handle it. But, you have clearly illustrated in your reaction to my post that you show no contrition about or understanding of your wrong doing.

I know this is a long way to go for a minutely offensive prejudicial remark. BUT- do not fool yourself: prejudice and stereotyping are the basis for racism and acts of hatred against other human beings. Call me a carebear. go ahead, I'll probably just end up caring more.

When did canadians become a race? I have no clue or even care what race he is. Being super sensitive and so easily offended is what has scewed this world up. Hell, you are more offended than the op. Grow a thicker skin and you might feel better.

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