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Few Phantom Parts + bit more

EDIT _ only item left is the stubby drop zone. Please let this thread die in peace

Available 2. KAPP Stubby Drop zone, brand new, has the nub for a fill nipple cover. Perfect for use with female stabilizer and a stainless spacer ring that PPS sells. 20 shipped Available

Sold ITEMS 9-12 40 dollars shipped (all the phantom stuff) Sold

9. Phantom Vert adapter with valve body and hardline. Beautiful shape. Never used it myself so I cant say if the hardline leaks or not. Why should it?
10. Phantom Clear pump handle, wear from barrel light cracks. Will work great, not prettiest.
11. Clear feedblock, back part of rail is broken where a site must have jyanked it off.
12. Acid wash black / red feed tube. mark were someone began to cut and then chickened out. Very clean besides the mark..cut it to 10 and it will be great

40 dollars shipped for 9-12.

Google Checkout, USPS postal money order, and Paypal accepted.
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