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After 15 years at his Plainville MA location, and about 3 years before that at Friendly Fire Paintball (now we're reaching back to the early 90's), PW Paintball closed his business a few weeks ago.

With the downturn in the economy and more competition from internet sales (and really, his prices were competitive) there just wasn't the business there anymore. I know, I had been helping him keep the shop open since before last Xmas. There were days when nobody came in.

Sorry, but it was a pretty sad day when he made the choice. He's a good friend from High School (25 years...oh lord) and I remember buying paintball gear from him at his Dad's house, and painting the sign on the window when he opened his brick and mortar store.

It really sucks all the Mom and Pop places are closing down.

He was forced to take a full time job and he's probably just busy doing that and taking care of his family.
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