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Combo dealyo: Vests, vests, vests.

As the heading states, I have vest for sale! Three in fact!

I will just describe them all in one shot with pics and rules following:

SOLDSOLD SOLD First up is a used woodland SpecOps mesh vest, all of it's pockets are sewn on, it has an inner stomach velcro band that keeps it from sloshing about, the SpecOps Member patch is velcro. Also sewn on the front are marker straps for when you want to be totally BA and pinch clips on the shoulders to mount them there. On the back it has a vertical HPA/CO2 pouch sewn on and a four pod carry setup. Size is M on the tag but I am 5'9" with a 38" chest and have it cinched in, it has lots of room due to the side expanders. No defects, just signs of use. It also has an internal pouch for a water bladder for those long days of slaying when you need a drinky-poo.

Next is a standard Rap4 tan molle mesh vest that shows only minor signs of use; it has Multicam shoulder pads that are adjustable. When you open it up it has two nifty zipper pockets (one each side) and a water bladder for your hydrating needs. The back is just like the front...full of molle fun! It also has belt loops to secure it to your frame as you plow through legions of noobs on your quest to paint every player and achieve grand ruler supreme cheese nacho underlord of the field!

Lastly, is my prized piece. I had this betty custom made by those kings of string at SpecOps back when MOATI ran the show. It is quality and it is something that I paid top dollar for. All codura construction, never been in a game! I really dig this thing for scenarios but since I haven't the time or energy to travel to one (nor the friends -cry-) I figure I will share the love. It is all Multicam all the time; same sizing setup as the woodland vest but with belt loops, an inner stomach velcro band, mesh water bladder pouch, removable marker slings, adjustable shoulders. Oh AND full molle front so you can hook your shoes, cat, wife, sidearm, personal ref to yourself if the need arises! On the back is a velcro pad so people know who to blame when their children go missing/found eating paint and mumbling incoherently, also a sewn on HPA/CO2 tank holder in horizontal ambidextrous format, and a 4+2 pod setup...which means 6 pods can be carried if you want to be a full on Rambo-flavored pepperstick.


Prices include shipping, Paypal only, post then PM.


Woodland: $25. SOLD SOLD SOLD
Rap4: $30
Multicam: $70. SOLD SOLD SOLD

Combo Deal: buy two get $10 off, buy all three and get $20 off!

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