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Rainman did the gloss anno on the grip frame, and installed a pneumatic (completely walkable, lord knows how many balls per second) trigger system.

Look how small it is!

How did all that fit?

Rainman anno on the Maui Wowie.

REALLY difficult anno job. There are 4 seperate aluminum alloys in this project, and Rainman did a great job of getting them all remarkably same-same.

Rainman anno on the Pimpin' Purple People Plinker **Note that Claudio matched the existing anno on the ANS grip frame

Rainman polish and gloss black anno on the lowers - gas through grip, grip frame, and drop.

I'll have another couple to put up here soon. I'll have his work on the Spyder Project as well as another MicroMag that's in his tender care right now.

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