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I'm betting the OP didn't think his post would cause all this

Y'know... I love rifles and shotguns, and the handgun comment did not bother me a bit - I fully understood that he's saying "I don't dig guns, but I still love paintball - 'cause they're different." Also, it is a statement that takes much of the wind out of the sails of the ANTI-GUN, and therefore ANTI-PAINTBALL crowd.

Now, beyond that --- the videos were a good step in the right direction. I, of course, sent the links to an associate of mine working on his Psych Doctorate (or is it masters... I forget) - anyway, I imagine he'll find it interesting. It is a little stat-heavy, but that's fine for chapter one. NOW what needs to happen is some video of the kids after the game - like masks up and big smiles.

Wait -- aren't there grants for these studies? Get a group of paintballers and a group of vid-gamers, give them a psych profile (test, whatever---I'm a mechanic...), let them do what they do for a summer, observe, report, and retest, then present the findings.

I wish I had the credentials to study this myself.
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