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Just to record what I've found after a little research:
Barrels of America was owned by Dale Hilton
Tom Greening was their spokesman

The only information I can find about the ATF interacting with Dale Hilton, Tom Greening, or BOA was via a post in which Dale Hilton posted the following on the 4th of January, 1999:

"For anyone info BOA made a barrel called the concealer, which consisted
of porting made into the barrel whcih had 2 pieces of delrin , one on
one end the other by the muzzle, a piece of schedule 30 PVC,and foam. An
ATF agent in Ohio said no problem. 4 years later and thousands made and
sold. An ******* decided he wanted to rifle the inside of the barrel
(firearm technology) which doesn't work on paintball makers, He called
he ATF in Washington started giving them **** (bad move)
they came to Indiania and confiscated his barrel. How do I know all this
info? 4 ATF agents came to my business (BOA) and made my life miserable.
Whats happening now? They determined my barrel to be a firearm silencer
andthe way the law reads, it is also a firearm.
so because of a guy nicknamed Gomer Pyle I have an attorney(not cheap) who is trying to help. Sure is tough for a small businessman to fight the government. This has been
going one for almost 10 months an could drag on longer. My best bet is to have my state rep on my side and let those 2 fight it out. All of this **** has cost the loss of jobs, revenues, and tax money they could have been collecting. So enough *****ing. If you would like more info contact me personally. Peace, dudes and dudettes
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