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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
Could be for me too, quite often. I tried to get Tippmann to make 'em for me...

That receiver literally sat all season. I couldn't get anybody to work on stuff for me! I finally just got mad and made a redneck version!
So many ideas, no time. If anybody wants a good design for a revolver I'm giving free ideas to machinists! I am messing with a new semi-style pistol that has no competition in it's niche and could sell tons too.
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As Dr Soren said, Time is the fire in which we burn...

Yea a dual mag pistol would be hot. 1 mag for co2 and 1 for paint.

Quick changes for both air and paint would make it ideal.

Make it look like a revolver and I'd buy one for sure.
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