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The biggest paint (ie: bore size) you've found recently?

So my wife bought me (ie: she agreed to let me get it ) PBWeasel's Squal for Christmas! And the only thing that I'm not super stoked about is the bore; it's a .690 bore (w/ wedgits). I currently have a half a case of Valken Redemption that's boring at about a .685 in 50deg dry Colorado air, and a full case of Valken Graffitti that's boring at about .687 in the same air.

Has anyone else found anything in the .685 or bigger bore range, and if so what was it?

ADDITION 12/21/12: I just sorted a bag of Marbelizers tonight using my VKC/mOngo BAll Sizer and over 2/3rds were larger than .687, with slightly less than 1/3rd being larger than .689! The other 1/3rd fell between .684 and .687, and only 10 passed through the .684 but were larger than .682... overall I'm happy!
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