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I preferred Jesse's bike and then Snr's. I would have voted for Senior as most of his bike was awesome but the front end at the top of the forks ruined it for me.

That said, I don't believe either was really a "chopper".

So in that case PJD's was the best chopper and Gas Monkey second.

But in order of Bike's I would have wanted...

1) Jesse James, closely followed by 2) Snr (I would have reworked the front end) 3) Jnr and 4th) the Gas Monkey guys.

I do think the feud betweek Jesse and Richard was real. You could see venom in Jesse's eyes and he's normally got a pretty "whatever" look to his face.

I think he was seriously considering going across the presenter to have at Rich.

Oh yeah and the presenter did suck. Who is he and what is he from? The back stage guy was better and at least recognisable to the motor head crowd.
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