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the host (Sal Masakala) does Xgames and MTV stuff

I didnt like him as a chopper host

Jr put a nice chopper together
Sr's was cool, until i saw the lights on the forks... yuck
Jesses was cool, but his seat was strange and it reminded me of a smart car
F&L was a very clean chopper, but i didnt see the restore part (was in and out of the living room so i missed it)

if i had a vote on just the pictures (nothing else, no background, etc)
1. Jr
2. F&L
3. Jesse
4. Sr

but if senior had fixed his forks he coulda been #2, if jesse had fixed the middle of his bike (seat and tank) he coulda been #1-2
F&L was sweet, but almost too plain, needed a little more to it
jr's seemed to be the only complete chopper with start to finish every detail done

the rivalry between jesse and F&L was intense...
im sure richard was pissed about the dumptruck of manure bein dropped in his driveway too haha
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