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Sometimes I overextend myself and it just happened. I was bidding on a number of things I didn't expect to win and won most of them. Now I am still winning another bid I won't be able to pay for. The good news is my highest bid (110) is a huge low ball for this amazing marker.

For those who need a little information before they click a link (this is not my listing I just don't wanna get a neg feedback cus I couldn't pay and its a sick marker that deserves to sell for more then 110)

Its a Red Vertical Stock Class Phantom (The anno is AMAZING)
Black Pump handle and parts
Very Nice Red Dot Sight
Fresh Seals
Best Aspect is anno on marker and barrel the red is just great.

CCI Phantom Stock Class Pump Paintball Marker Red | eBay

Bid this up above 110 someone!
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