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My suggestion, and this is based on personal preference as a new pump player.

Keep the phantom of course, its one of the best stock class markers out there. I've played with friends may times and if I truly do get back into the sport full time I will be investing in a phantom as my marker for stock class/all pump games.

I picked up an Azodin Kaos 2 Pump off Ebay for 70$. The plan was to flip it at a profit or make a trade that 70$ would not have been sufficient in. Its NIB so I could max my value pretty easily by selling to someone 150$ shipped or trading for a decent barrel/mask that I needed. Playing around with it...I was AMAZED at the quality. The pump is actually nicer then many pump kits people use to convert old cockers. It may not be on CCM level, but nicer then most WGP markers i've shot. The new model has a stock maxflow value that works wonders, the older one felt like a spyder clone made pump, not this model.

For the 70$ you can get a new Kaos Pump for on Ebay, it's very worthwhile. Lighter then WGP markers, and a very smooth pump stroke. It's A/C Threaded so many barrels will work on it. The new feedneck corrects the problems people talk about, but is ion threaded so any easy replacement as well.

I was using my friends stiffi matched to pant on it, after 200 shots, w/ stock regulator I chroned the marker (Shooting bargain bin paint thats been in the cold, reg not broken in).

HPA W/ Dye Regulator on Tank

The results follow: 281 290 295 270 255 267 278 280 275 277 277 276 278 275 278 279 278 275 279 275
First six varied wildly, then it leveled out quickly. Marker had shot 200, but had been sitting unused for awhile before we did this test.

Which I considered AMAZING consistency from a marker like this. I'm a fan of the stock hitman mod. I often play against semi's in speed or air ball (often new players) and it's nice to be able to shoot lanes with the pump. Lanes means a different thing for certain, It's not the LINE of paint egos are throwing, but your not gunna wanna run through it either way. For the price, as an open class addition to a phantom...Kaos Pump is my rec.

I'm NOT a long term pump players, but my friends are. Several who have used WGP markers for years now have them as backups to brand new Kaos Pumps (or the plus version w/ autotrigger). They tuned em and got upgrades, and they work wonderfully and are lighter then the WGPs. One friend who owns a CCM marker now uses the CCM only for competition and his Azodin KP for rec ball, he says the CCM is higher quality, but on the rec ball field its hard to notice the difference at times. When it matters though, he says he'd of course always fire the CCM. All shoot phantoms for stock class, so similar situations perhaps.

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