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FS:Ultraviolet Digital Copies

I own a DVD kiosk business. Most of the DVD's I buy for my rental kiosk have a digital copy coupon for an Ultraviolet digital account. ( more information ).
I use a copy for my on line collection, I have a stack of unused codes for the more popular movie. If any of you would like to start or add to your ultraviolet account,
I will be selling the codes for $3-8 each. Shoot me a PM with the movie you would like, I will confirm it with you and when I get the pay pal transfer I will email you a scan of the code.
example below. Each code can be used only once, but you can download or stream the movie from the cloud as much as you like.
You will need to create a UV account to use the codes, it can be shared with up to six friends or family members.

Disclaimer: I purchased all of these DVDs and the digital copies for my business,
as a business I have the right to rent, or resale the DVD's and digital copies.
Note: Sometimes the digital copy comes with an iTunes version as well.
Here is the list, price and number of copies I have.

Hope Springs -1
Arthur Christmas -1
New Years Eve -2
Step up Revolution -2
Trouble with the curve -3
Magic Mike -3

That'a my Boy - 3
Project X -2
The Campaign -3
The Hunger Games - 4

Hotel Transylvania
Here comes the boom
The Amazing Spiderman - 4
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - 3
The expendables II - 3
The Dark Knight Rises - 3
Total Recall - 3

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