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Titanium Paintball Longbow Barrel System 3 titanium backs, tip, case Mint! AC threads

Up for sale is a rare barrel set with autococker threads. I'd searched for years to get this and sadly as soon as I got a set, our local field closed. Now my son is moving on to motocross. What's a 40+ guy to do? Sell it, I guess. Offer up! Looking for cash only. No trades.

Barrelbacks are .684, .687, and .690 auto cocker threaded to fit your Autococker, Dye DM or a lot of other guns that use AC threads.

I'm looking for at least $200 considering a Dye titanium back is $139 for one. This has three. Also check reviews. There is a great thread comparing all sorts of barrels and this one came out tops in accuracy and ability to self clean.

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