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Originally Posted by noclue119 View Post
HAHAHAHA I am surprised someone didn't ask earlier
It's clearly because we're all nerds. :P

Just came back from watching it in regular, there was still a ton of motion blur in the panning shots and the CG was definitely more obvious in areas. Not sure if filming it in HFR was the culprit or if it was something else but these were most definitely present.

Overall it was a good movie, I'd give it an A- as it's much better than a few movies I've seen over the past year but not quite LotR level. I thought the pacing was a bit off since the first half felt too long and the second half very quick, though I'm not sure how it could have been done differently.

And now we must endure the gruelling year long wait for the next instalment...
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  1. Learn of Zombie infestation. How? Who knows. Probably from the General Chat section off MCB
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