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That being said, what are the internals? From what I can see it looks like you may have the stock bolt (vice a nelspot compatible). What kind of Hammer and Powertube do you have? The stock barrels are massive overbore for .683 paint so, that alone would explain difficulty in getting velocity up.

FYI- your's is a pre-90 deluxe model (in 90, they redesigned the rear of the body and the ASA so that you only need one screw vice the current three).
the bolt is half metal half plastic or delrin. Doesn't look like anything special. the hammer is unmodified and I didin't see any markings on it. It has a greenish discoloration that the other parts don't have, so it may not be original. The powertube is a SI #4.

so what do you guys do for feeds?hoppers? The ammo box fits in the feed neck without an elbow, but looks funny. I ran it with a vl bow and a stick feek, but is bulky and takes up a useable elbow. My nibco copper elbow for sheridan feednecks won't fit inside. I would like to have a stick feed on it. I guess a WALZ stick feed is in my future if I decide to keep it.
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