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I've been using a Buck Squire for about two months now and I really like it. Before that I carried a Buck model 110. Light enough to pocket but enough weight to feel controlled in the hands. I'd recommend it if you want a nice knife for pocketing.

I also carry a fixed blade, a buck model 119 special, in my console of my Jeep. That knife is super sturdy. It was handed down to me by my dad who got it when he was a kid. If you have the money at around $120, it's super nice. If not you can get the base model 119 for around $50.

Other than that, the only knife I might carry is a leatherman freestyle. I LOVE that tool because it is so small and sturdy, but it has enough tools to do plenty of stuff, but I doubt that's what you are looking for in a knife.
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