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A GEO3? Here is what you do:

1. Open up box and turn the marker on.

2. Realizing that you have no idea what quality of battery was placed in there nor how long said battery has been in the marker elect to change the battery
2a. Find the correct allen key and remove the wrong side grip panel.
2b. Remove the correct grip panel.
2c. Realize that the last 9v battery you had is currently powering some vital component of modern living, and decide to go grab some 9v batteries.
2ca. Face down the difficult conundrum of paying the inflated prices at the gas station for batteries or driving further to the store and buying batteries cheaper but spending more gas along the way
2cb. Screw it you are in a hurry and you drop $7 on two nine volt batteries and another 8$ on soda a candy bar and a hotdog analog at the gas station.

3. Arriving home with your fresh nine volt battery you place it in the marker and replace both the correct side and incorrect side grip panels. You come to the awful realization that you will never remember what side has to be removed to access the battery.

4. You finally power on the gun.

5. You want to see how it feels with the barrel attached so you remove both the front and back pieces of the barrel and attempt to screw them together.
5a. After thirty seconds or so, you begin to wonder why the two pieces of the barrel are not threading together.
5b. It hits you that the two halves of the barrel are reverse-threaded and it is "Lefty-Tighty, Righty-Loosey." If you remember this you are doomed to apply this to almost every other multi piece barrel.
5c. You attach the barrel to the gun

6. You begin to wave the marker around trying to get a feel for it coming to the conclusion that it is a tight package with a fast trigger. You disassemble the gun and replace it in the case.

7. You go to the field and air the gun up and dry fire it a few times, noting the smoothness of the shot and how fast you can walk the trigger.

8. You attempt to chrono the gun.
8a. The gun is shooting 190 - 210 fps. No wonder it felt so smooth.
8b. Find the correct allen wrench and adjust the pressure.
8c. Finding the correct velocity, you being to really rip on the trigger to "get a feel for the gun"

9. Top off your tank.

10. Play a game. Shoot 4 pods and a hopper.
10a. refill your air tank. It is a GEO.
10b. repeat steps 10 & 10a
10c. repeat steps 10 & 10a

OK... sorry.

Honestly, it is a nice gun, and aside from the efficiency, I really like the GEO platform. Especially being a bigger guy, I find the ergonomics to be really comfortable.

Honestly, the are a pretty simple platform and pretty easy to maintain. ENJOY!
EDIT: You sold it and I made myself look like an ***.
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