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PMI-II Piranha LB and Vintage PGP

I am not one to list a ton of rules at the beginning of my thread. All I have is this: Paypal is fine, and I ship immediately upon transfer of funds.

First up:

A PGP that I believe is a very early one (1984-1985). It is a non-cartridge valve and it has been rebuilt with Palmers internals. Works well, good shape.
$125 shipped

Second, and I always save the best for last, is an amazing condition PMI-II Piranha LB. Works great, no leaks, a blast to shoot. Just lubed and cleaned and the action is very smooth. Rare in this condition, and in general.
$200 shipped

Not looking for trades, unless completely unique, just looking for cash. If you don't reach me on here, please feel free to email me at

Thanks for looking!

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