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Metadyne Industries Order Thread

I have recently gotten back into contact with the guys over at Metadyne Industries and I was to place an order, and I know people have been asking and looking to pick up some stuff from them. So I figured to make a thread about it and do one large group order. I am placing this order on January 17th, 2013. Get in on this or forever hold your rockets.

Without Further Ado:

Breech Upgrade - $49.95

Rifle Stock Upgrade Kit - $115.00

4" Barrel Extension - $25.00

4" Stubby Barrel - $25.00

Havoc Launcher - $399.99

Shipping will be $5.00 for all accessories and $10.00 for the launcher itself. Every additional accessory will be $2.00.

Post up, or PM me here. I will paypal invoice you for what you want and place the order on the 17th. No fuss, no mess. Just me bringing you tank busting action!
Buy from me, I ship before anyone else!
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