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I agree that the "Alleys" map is a POS. That said, one of your problems might just be the fact that you're sticking with the deathmatch modes. In my experience they're the weakest elements of Hawken. The objective-based game types are much more fun, and the static spawn points let you make use of the maps in a real strategic way that is lost in TDM. Siege has been nerfed a bit since I fell in love with it in CB2 but is still fairly good. Missile is easily the most fun in the game right now.

As for the microtransaction took me about 2 hours to level up to 15, and I can pretty much hold my own even now that they've seemingly bumped me up a bracket in the matchmaker. I haven't bought a single thing for my Rookie TV mech.

I like the fact that you can continue to play on the same mech once it caps at 25, and put that XP towards other mechs.
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