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Originally Posted by Luckless View Post
You are aware that the knife you linked to is illegal in Canada, can be taken by customs at the boarder (if ordering more), and you can be charged for owning it, right? (I personally don't care if someone wants to ignore the law on that issue, just as long as they are aware.)

Also illegal in a lot of other places as well, so check your local laws as they would apply to you before spending any amount of money on a knife. Always sucks to order a cool and interesting blade only to find out it gets you charged the first time you pull it out in public.
How is it illegal? I got it a a store in canada. Its a single sided edge, and can not be open with by flicking and is not spring loaded. (I am just interested in how its breaking the law) I know a cop and he thought it was cool but didn't say anything about it being illegal.
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