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Large lot of Intimidator parts

Please excuse the poor quality images. I can take better ones for a serious buyer

The lot includes:

GZ timmy (project gun: body w, ram sleeve and back cap, eye covers w detents, board solenoid, wiring, bolt, etc. Also includes all (or at least most) of the screws and small parts needed to build it up into a complete gun
- I have a torpedo reg that I can include for another $15 if you want one

Stock ram sleeve and back cap

2 rams

Shocktech bolt

2k2 front block

GZ volly

2 2k2 LPRs

2k5 front block

2k5 LPR

A couple of extra solenoids

2k5 board and a few membrane pads (not sure if the boards or pads work), plus a second board that is missing the trigger microswitch

Rebuild kit with o-rings, screws, other small parts, and another extra solenoid

Black eye covers with detents

2k5 frame and trigger

A neat insert that allows you to mount a WAS slide switch in the membrane pad mounting slot on 2k5 frames (haven't seen many of these)

2 sets of eyes

I'm only interested in selling everything together as a package - no interest in parting at all.

Price: SOLD! shipped, OBO All reasonable offers will be considered.

Links to additional pictures of everything:

8582E63A-BE19-44C6-9000-196E5635EB6E-222-00000008C1A3326C.jpg photo by HokiePB | Photobucket

9C89D21E-42F5-4E16-9EA3-D1C610275348-222-00000008BCE0DD0B.jpg photo by HokiePB | Photobucket

EB51E70E-41F9-4C20-91BB-8C10A634F289-222-00000008B81FF9CD.jpg photo by HokiePB | Photobucket

2EE68543-4E56-42D8-95D0-5EDAF50DF8B4-222-00000008B3A5A666.jpg photo by HokiePB | Photobucket

4E35CA7E-F830-4D1F-86FD-2073A866B046-222-00000008AE6BF89F.jpg photo by HokiePB | Photobucket

E71541BD-A5F0-49FC-836C-FAED8100CA16-222-00000008A89680C5.jpg photo by HokiePB | Photobucket

347F448E-297A-42D4-B0CE-D1C37EDE61B5-222-00000008A253B522.jpg photo by HokiePB | Photobucket

B2D2F10A-00D1-4FBF-9C2A-E784F397E102-222-000000089CC12DBF.jpg photo by HokiePB | Photobucket

5D66F984-30FA-46A9-AE5D-F51479CDFBD3-222-0000000896AC65C6.jpg photo by HokiePB | Photobucket


Some of my collection

My MCB Feedback

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