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My "next step" in paintball

Well, as my title says this is my next step in pb. For a long time ive had gun problems galore, and even took a little break from paintball and mcb. Recently I have come back to MCB(around the time of the switch) as an active memeber. I decided to get back into the pb world because of this one game I had with my tigershark(different story). Anyways, it reminded me why I loved paintball and the fire was ingited once again. So to make my comeback, i decided it was time for a quality gun. And what better then a quality piece from wgp. So anyways i built this for about 110$ or more total, and Finally got it timed and velocity issues worked out. I really like it, and i guess im a cocker guy now cause i cant get enough of them. Sure, it was a pain and took a while to get working(first cocker) but in the end its worth it. Enough from me...

and here is a horse getting beatin lol
[Pumpster] 12:58 am: yeah, we have $1.2 per L cdn
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