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A neat old school cocker

Picked this up a while back, and thought some pics might be nice. Plus I need help ID'ing the 3-way...

The body was powdercoated black and then milled, so it has a neat two-tone effect between the raw aluminum and the gloss black powder-coat. It has a Pro-Line backblock with an integrated beaver tail, a Bob Long humpback grip frame, Cyclone Bolt, DAC Longshot barrel, and an Air America Black Ice regulator.

It's not the oldest body I have in the collection (that one is a 4 digit serial number in the 2000's) but it's pretty low at 18394. It also came with a 12 inch J&J Stainless barrel, and the original pot metal slider with grips.

Here are some pics (please excuse the mud on the grip panels...)

And here's the 3-way:

Anyone know what type it is?

Some of my collection

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