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yea lol I wouldn't spend $7K on just a body unless I was going to be a professional photog and I got friends that are pros and have told me that in all honesty until you build a huge name for yourself it's not a lucrative profession whatsoever. With that said those wedding shots I took last month impressed the pro photog that was there so he asked me if I'd like to earn extra money this coming summer by shooting weddings with him . So I just scored myself some extra fun money for a few weekends a month of wedding shoots . He usually leaves after the main shots but lots of couples he's had lately have also wanted reception pictures too and well he said it gets to be a long day but if I'm willing to stick it out he's willing to pay me a few hundred dollars per shoot which is about a 10-15% cut. I figure why not? I enjoy taking photos and I love doing candid stuff. So I'm thinking if I'm going to be a pro photog and getting paid to do it an upgrade is definitely in order. I'm thinking a 7D so I can capture first dances and such as those are moments a lot of couples really want shots off. Heck the aged shot I posted in the best photos of 2012 thread is a winding down shot (ie a lot of people had left the reception it was pretty late but it made for great shooting since I could get nice and tight and get that emotion I wanted whereas with lots of people around it can get tricky.

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