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Originally Posted by Luckless View Post
Crops are still vastly cheaper to produce than a full frame chip, and can do more than well enough. My 7D is excellent, and I love what I can do with it. I have no pressing need to "upgrade" to a full frame for the sake of a full frame. (That said, I will eventually own a 5DmkII or III to go with my 7D, but I will always have something from the 7D lineup. I really can't see Canon abandoning it, as it is a wonderful camera for birding and sports.)

Remember, due to how the chips are made, crop chips of various designs can be produced at a rate of 1:3 upwards of 1:10 vs full frame, depending on the exact design and layout (Chips being produced in batches, and divided from a single plate like thing) you can fit a ton more crop sensors on a single production run. That, and a flaw that will kill a number of chips from a batch will take a far lower percentage of the yield.

Crop isn't going anywhere soon unless we have some major revolution in chip production.
Well said! And I like having a 1.5 crop. The math is easy.
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