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The marker in question here belongs to me, I'm planning on putting the lower tube back in with Metal Set A4 which should work just fine. The gun is a project.
I wanted a really compact sniper for playing modified stock class, which is one of the reasons why I mini'd it. I'm running it without a reg with air running straight into the valve chamber through the side of the body. I'm also going to be knocking off the 45* feed and putting a 10rd stock class feed on.

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Ugh... why?
Ugh... these comments. The main reason why it was mini'd is because a previous owner mucked up the threads in the body for the pump guide rod/front block banjo bolt. It's not like it's a particularly rare or good looking body in the first place so there's no need to get your panties in a bunch.

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i would think that whoever mini'd it, left the tube in, and the vibrations from the hacking, caused the lower tube to come loose.
No "hacking" here, it was mini'd properly with a milling machine. The lower tube wasn't loose, there just wasn't enough glue left to seal the front end of the lower tube after being mini'd.
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