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Originally Posted by AKAfanatic2.0 View Post
What made you want to start collecting? Didn't you also buy an 03 Tarantula? The 03 Tarantula got picked off before I even knew it was for sale. It made me feel sick when I missed out on it.
Well, I have been trying to find out what would be the best gat for me.
AKA won by a long shot.

Yes, I have picked up one tarantula that is in finished condition and I got my next one yesterday that isnt anodised.

I am also building two Evil Ms

So now I have 5 more AKAs that are not in the pictures above

But I have now said stop to buying more this year (actually until I have all my roughly 55 paintball guns in working order )

Soon I will start selling of some of my timmys and other guns.

I also find it so funny that people started to dust of all of their akas as they were selling so fast now. They also tried to jack up the price due to demand. But once I stopped buying the market died ;D

My current collection is as Follows

1 Valhalla (mint condition working flawlessly)
2 Tarantulas
2 Evil M
5 Vikings
2 Excaliburs

1 Viking is pieces (dont count that one, use it as spare parts!)

I love the feel of the AKA markers, I will most likely compete with either the valhalla or the evil mīs next season.

AKA Rules!!
- Throw your hands in the air and gimmie all your AKAs you landlubbers!!!!

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