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Props and Flag Stations

Key Area 1: Ronague
Key Area 2: Laxey
Key Area 3: Ballig
Key Area 4: Onchan

All four are worth 1 point every 30 minutes from 11:30 to and including 3:30. All four also will have goodies that may be put in play at each of these times, at each of these flag stations.

Anyone who is present to collect them. If nobody is present, the goodies will be dropped into play for the next player that swings by and seizes them.


Keep Props: Props all players never have to surrender once they possess it

All your personal property, Dynamite, and all paperwork, such as, but not limited to: Missions, news updates, playable cards, laminated cards, clue cards, infection cards, inoculation cards, instructions, testing charge cards, and points cards.


Drop Props: Props all players must surrender if you possess it and get eliminated

Radio transmitters, food crates, water jugs, mannequins, bodies, science lab equipment, Dark Matter, tools, boxes, mutated stuffed animals, Bionicon boxes, normal stuffed animals, science lab equipment, Blue fuel drums, red fuel drums, and anything else that does not fit the description of the props that you do not have to surrender in the Keep Props list above. When in doubt, drop it.

Note this is a partial list that applies to THE THING III. (Some props are surprises and you will see them game day)
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