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You CAN NOT beat a Dodge Cummings diesel. Not with a Chevy, not with a Ford, not with a Nissan, and not with a Toyota. Dodge is THE best truck out there.

Originally Posted by Phoenix01 View Post
The Chevy guy was running his mouth about his 6.0 being able to out pull any Cummins Dodge ever made, which sadly for him was really ignorant to say.
Refer to my previous statement.

Originally Posted by crazyorigin View Post
The 6.0 LS engine is very good, but anyone thinking it is more powerful than a Cummins Diesel is just plain stupid. He got what he deserved, i bet he wont run his dumb mouth anymore.
I agree with this. the 6.0 LS is a dang powerful engine, but I also agree in the sense that NOTHING can out pull a Dodge Cummings.

Dodge Represent!
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I have a hot sister. looks just like me in a wig. but it isn't me, really, just keep your hands above the belt and you'll never know.
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