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my wife is an insulin dependent diabetic, she wears the pump.

First thing you need to do, is to truly get a feel for how your particular insulin reacts in your body. When Jenn was on shots, her blood sugar would sometimes crash because the synthetic form of insulin she was taking would peak pretty hard, dropping her blood sugar pretty rapidly. So first off, I would pay close attention to how your body reacts to your insulin dosages, on a normal day. Does your blood sugar tend to drop at a certain times? Stay normal? Go up? What happens if you eat slightly less, slightly more? Eat things with sugar in them, drink things with sugar in them, etc

The next thing, is I would pay attention to how your body reacts when you exercise. This obviously will burn sugar, dropping your numbers, but how much? Do you go from 110 to 60? And how long? Does it take 30 minutes of moderate exercise to drop you down? Does it take 45 minutes? 2 hours? What happens if you have moderate exercise for 2 hours, without eating? Your body will give you clues and indications as to how it will react.

The next thing I would recommend is to bring a testing supplies to the field in a light cooler. As you know, heat can damage testing strips, so a cooler with a gel pack should keep it cool enough so they don't get damage if it's too hot outside.

After that, you need to employ a "buddy" system, with several people. If you don't know anyone at the game, ask a few people around you if they wouldn't mind keeping an eye on you for sudden blood pressure drops. You want to let a few people know, what to look for, and how to react. Many people have no idea how diabetes works, or what exactly is going on int he body. You don't want to be knocked out with a low blood sugar, and someone runs up and says "I know what to do! He need insulin! He needs more insulin!!!"

Obviously, this will kill you. For those who don't know, blood sugar levels in someone without diabetes will usually register just under 100 on a testing machine. At 60, most people will feel extremely light headed and dizzy. At 40, the person is barely moving and in a daze, almost like they are high or drunk. At 30 or below, they'll be basically asleep with their eyes open, staring at the sky, barely moving, this is when someone is in SERIOUS trouble. Insulin drops blood sugar. When someone is "low", they need sugar, orange juice, mountain dew, anything that can quickly absorbed into their blood to get their sugars back up.

You need to get a couple "buddies" around you, who know how to react if you go low. Explain to them that you will need your glucose tablets, or glucose gel, or orange juice, or apple juice, or crackers, or anything that works best for you, in case your sugar drops. Have a plan in place, so that they can "snap you out" of the low blood sugar spell so you can take care of yourself from there.

From there, I would just try to test often. If you are playing hardcore, maybe every hour. I know you're finger tips will be sore the next day, but it's better than waking up with paramedics around you. Obviously, I'd also make sure you test before you drive home. You don't want any "sneak attacks" with your metabolism speeding up and dropping your blood sugar as you get into the car after the game. It's not uncommon for Jenn to test 5 to 7 times in a day when she's playing hard. She also removes her pump completely when she does Crossfit, because she found that the strenuous exercise was too much of a combination with her pump attached, and her sugars dropped really quickly.

So to summarize - pay attention to your body, see how your body reacts to exercise, let people around you know about your condition and how to help, have a plan in place in case you go low.

Don't feel bad about your condition, or embarrassed. It's in people's nature to want to help, and I would stop everything in a heartbeat to help a fellow baller who has a medical condition in need of assistance. The only thing that's silly, is trying to go John Wayne and getting yourself into a situation that you can't get yourself out of, surrounded by people who want to help but have no idea how.

Everyone has challenges, so don't be shy, we want to help and it feels good to help
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