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Rare Tippmann SMG68 For Sale Serial #552

Guys we have this baby up for sale, you all know how rare these are

We are in the UK but can ship worldwide - shipping will be charged but for example to the USA it will be around $40 Fedex.

We have tried to give all the best pictures etc we can, take a look at this link to our site: Very Rare Tippmann SMG68 For Sale

What you see in the pictures is what you get - no more - no less

Here is a close up video to give indepth view of the marker:

Description from the item which is up for sale on our site:

'Tippmann SMG68 Serial number 552.

Very rare collectors item.

Bottle is DOT standard and is way out of date - so this cannot be used!

Auction style not allowed on this forum, so $950 is the asking price.

Payment direct into our bank account.


- If you think you dont want to pay more the $100 - then dont bother commenting or sending us an email - simple
- On our site its up as an auction - this is NOT the case on here - here it is a BUY IT NOW for $950

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