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Thanks man! Yea, honestly I meant to sell it at a profit when I picked it up. But when my friends matched it up to their non CCM snipers and it fared favorably (even in their eyes) I kept it. I've played a bunch with it now and really friggen like playing with it.

The KP2 comes with a stock read steady regulator from Azodin, which honestly works much better with Co2 and about the same with HPA as my CP reg does. The AKA 2liter running HighP is the only reg i've seen really make a noticeable difference. Its pricey, but if one wanted to stay with a KP2 for the longterm its an investment i'd say is well worth it.

I'm not dissin on CP just their reg does not love the pressures that KP prefers (itll run em just fine, but no better then the stock reg and worse then the 2liter). I run a CP on my Pimp and LOVE it. Way better then stock evil detonator. Just don't know its worth swapping the Rock Steady Reg for a CP less u have one layin around.

The underbore barrel is key though, thats a MUST. I wish Azodin would replace the stock with something like.... .681ish.

I have the double trigger frame and see no reason to spend money to change that. Im not an auto trigger fan but that's the only thing I would change frame for. if the single trigger had AT when the DT did not (and it does not lol).

The clamping feedneck on the KP2 is way improved as well. Works great, but i'd still grab a used clamping ion feedneck off ebay for a few bucks .

ASA def needs replacing tho. Agree 100% there lol.

I don't think any marker even twice it's price is an unfair match up against a well set up KP2. It's a great pump and for anyone trying to get into pump and thinking about staying open class, this is the way to go.
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