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Dust Black Axe w/ Ups FT for Electronics (Verizon Phone / Laptop / Vita)

Due to the combination of having another marker coming soon, and having knee surgery taking me out of the game for a bit I'm trading my backup marker.

- I will not ship first
- I do not want any other PB gear as I'm pretty set right now. The only exception would be an XMAG.
- I may consider combination trades
- I won't add, as this is just something on the side and in no rush to go either way.
- PM me your offers in addition to replying. It's just much faster that way.

- Verizon Droid DNA or Galaxy S3 phone (ESN/MEID must be clear)
- Verizon iPhone 5 (32GB or more)
- PS Vita w/ games
- Laptop/Macbook

In addition to the below I may add one of my personal R7 camera systems if it's a combination of the above, or higher end type setup (laptop, etc).

What I'm trading:
Dust Black Empire Axe
Boss Infamous Bolt
Virtue eyes
Shockwave board (original Optimus board included as well)
Original Neck + standard generic neck w/o a ring in case you want to mount the R7 non-permanent.
Lurker Eigenbarrel set


If we come to some agreement that includes the R7 camera system I can just send the system with, or if you want to keep it on this marker for the long term I'll mount it like my Infamous Axe below. You can still remove the ring, but it's pretty much on there until you remove the neck and take it off so you don't have to constantly unclamp it, and you can keep the stock neck.


If you have any questions ask.
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