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FS/T Automag - Chord - M90 - Luke's Parts

Well... the CCM bug is biting me hard so i need to sell some of my mag parts!

On the block is a mag i put together from my spares, i will be happy to part it out if i can get takers on most of the major pieces.

-Deadly Winds Chord body - $300 (includes feed neck, no detent)
-M90 Frame - $235 (Includes trigger & Grips)
-X Valve - $200 (I can add some additional carriers, though this should be tuned)
-Luke's Teth rail (freshly ule'd and half raw) - $40
-Luke's gas thru fore grip (raw) - $20

Package - $650

Sorry for the blurry pic.. ill try to get something better up soon.

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