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Threading Services

Hey guys...

I just wanted to post up and have a list of barrel threading I have done, have programs written for and tooling ready.

-Tipx/A5/X7 (.875 OD Tipx needs 5.8" long)
-CP Barrel Tip (.875+ OD)
-Autococker (15/16+ OD)
-Freak Tip (.875+ OD)
-Shaft2 Tip
-CCM Tip (.875+ OD)
-Sterling (.861+ OD)

-Shaft2 Back
-Autococker (need to rewrite and double check)

Future Projects...

-UL Tip
-CCI (have the program, need the ACME tooling)

As for offering it as a service, its hard to do, the CNC Lathe I use is the emergency/project machine, so sometimes I cant get on it for a week or two... just food for thought


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