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Current or former tourn players in tulsa ok

I am lookin for an experienced player or 2 to help me
do a paintball ministry at my indoor field in Hominy(45 min from tulsa).
Want to provide a chance for the local kids to learn paintball properly.
Would like to do this weekly and with structure.
Currently have bt4 as rentals but will be trying to purchase pumps(due to cost)
This will be free to the kids.

This would also be open for other teens as i have pool tables, air hockey tables
And searching for used gaming systems.

On the ministry side
Will also have an a youth pastor or 2. But this wont be structured want the kids to Feel comfortable and not preached too.

Now cant pay as this is coming out of my back pocket.
But if your a current player and your team wants a place to practice
For free (excluding paint)byop or can get at cost.

Trying to get this going by march as my field is indoor but isnt heated or air cond.

Please pm me if interested
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