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At least IMO, i'd like to see paintball fields everywhere I go. When I'm on a ski mt during the summer, as long as its close to a metro area there should be a PB field. PB fields should dot Brooklyn and the Bronx. They should be VERY easy to find in NYC. This is not the case. So sure if you live somewhere with a vibrant PB community, if you live in cali or the few other places it has a strong foothold, maybe you see no need to save it.

THREE FIELDS CLOSED in my area in the last three years. One a year, and I live outside of ****ing nyc. I suppose part of the reason the sports dying is because many of those who play share your views. "I have a local field/PB community, and if you don't then too bad because the sports perfect". I can find about ten skateparts for every paintball field (i'm a lifelong skater.) Longboard was non-existant when I started. Quality boards were hard to find and cost an arm and a leg. Now its hugely popular and the equipment is easer to find/afford.

Brooklyn is dotted all over with skate parts. Paintball, aside from outlaw, does not exist. Paintball is fine? Five years ago there were quite a few fields, and new ones opening every day. Vandetta paintball, located in the 2nd largest mall in American is struggling to keep its doors open under its 3rd owner in 4 years. Most of the people I know who had jobs in the sport (refs, field owners, air techs, ect) NO LONGER HAVE THOSE JOBS. So I'm very glad the sport is fine for you, but please SPEAK FOR YOURSELF.

Hawkeye20: Ok, fair nuff. I've never used the BL pump. I won't bother defending it other then the fact that it farts matters very little to me. As a pump seemingly built for the speedball field, i dig the BL aside from that price tag. It should not be 500$ fair.

Your just wrong about the Kaos tho man. When you take out the "Blowback" ie return system of a spider, and the Autococking of a cocker, and make them pumps, they function rather similarly. If you look at how a sniper marker functions, and how the Kaos does you'll see the two are almost identical. Look at all the reviews (aside from mine) on this forum, or anywhere else and they will explain the same to you. The biggest similarity between the KP and a Spyder is the body. It functions like a midblocked sniper, comes cut with a milled body (very light), solid regulator, locking neck (the KP2s feedneck is solid), stock macro line, delrin bolt, hitman mod all for <200$. Check out everyones explanation of the KP2.

I'm glad fields closing and players leaving is fine for ya'll! I'd like to be able to play at more fields with more people. Maybe I'm alone, but it makes me sad watching guys who have spent vast amounts of money trying to open a field close 3 years later at a massive personal loss.
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