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Through no effort of my own, I saved several thousand on my Crossfire at Carmax that I bought almost 5 years ago now. I had a project budget/loan that I was targeting for the car, and went there looking to spend around 16k plus tax/title/license fees. I went in, test drove a silver one with 20k miles on it, and really liked it. It ran at 16k. I saw a red one a few spots down that was listed at 14k that had 35k on it. I asked them to run the numbers to see the difference on monthly payments and if I'd feel it, and we walked back in. We basically went through the entire process as if I was buying the car, which would then be voided out. We get to the mileage screen, and the salesman told me that he wasn't that familiar with this car, and went out to check the number. He leaves, and is gone for about ten minutes. The car wasn't that far away. I go out and see him talking to the manager. He tells me that he'll be right over, but needed to ask his manager something. He came back in, and typed out the exact mileage. It was 3500. They misread it when they brought it in and priced it by 10x. He then told me that he talked to the manager, and had gotten him to agree to the marked price for me if I got the car right then. If I didn't get it, they were going to mark it up by 3 or 4k. I bought the car then and there, and saved a few grand plus the equivalent in taxes because of sheer dumb luck. I'll take it.
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