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T-cat vs Desert Fox

Went to a field I have never played at Saturday. Could not get any of my pumps over 220 FPS (on co2 - they did better on N2) due to the cold weather, so I played semi all day. I figured it would be a nice opportunity to test my recently-acquired Thundercat against my trusty old Desert Fox.

The 'Cat is much quieter, and a bit more efficient.

The 'Fox is, in every other conceivable way, superior (but we pretty much knew that). The only point that surprised me was accuracy. Balls shot form the 'cat tended to wander, while the 'Fox with the same barrel, balls, hopper, and fps (+/- a little) was dead on.

They are both open bolt markers with nearly identical bot-faces, and ball detents. Both markers were using the same barrel (the exact same empire kit) - so why would the 'Cat hook as it did? (Note, the hooking was not constant, it would kook to varying degrees and directions from shot to shot).

I'm not saying the 'Cat is a bad marker - I was still getting some nice shots off with it, and would definitely let friends use it as my loaner, and it did just fine against the Spyders and Model 98's out on the field - but still... weird quirk there.

Also: Classic Paintball near Atlanta - really good field, with good staff! Just wish they had woods.
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