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I did have a list of the number of various breeds and whole species of animals that would become extinct if not for modern farming. The vast majority of farm animals simply would not survive long without human help, especially in northern climates. Not to mention that many species that we have spent centuries breeding to be rapid producers for consumption would quickly die of starvation without herd culling and control due to a boom-bust cycle. (Breed out of control, consume all food in region, continue to breed while starving, thereby ensuring no food is left.)

The list was a few thousand names long. Holding that up to them, and asking if they really wanted to kill off all those animals, and why they hate animals that much is often fun. (And I only throw that one in the really pushy "You're evil because you don't love animals and eat meat" types.)

Another fun one to throw out there is that they still kill and murder life forms for their food. Plants still have feelings and respond to pain. Some plants even demonstrate danger communication responses, when one plant is harmed the others can react to provide limited defence. Oh, sure, they're not as complex as humans or other animals, but they're still a life form. And when I eat meat, I make sure it is dead and cooked. You pull a carrot out of the ground and start chomping down on it, do you think it is dead? Do you think all cellular activity has stopped and that it doesn't feel each and every one of your teeth ripping its body to shreds? Who is the real monster? The one supporting healthy and productive lives for farm animals that end in a quick and as pain free death as possible (Far better than they would receive in the wild, growing old, weak, and probably being torn apart slowly by some predator...), or the one who thinks they are all superior simply because they can't hear their food scream?
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